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Importing Comics To Mock America    

  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : August 17, 2017

It seems you can’t turn on the tube these days without stumbling across yet another “fake news” and commentary show devoted to bashing American culture, history, politics, and mores. And since the demise of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, those programs are increasingly hosted by non-Americans, including Canada’s Samantha Bee, England’s John Oliver, South Africa’s Trevor Noah, and Australia’s Jim Jefferies. Good to see that open-borders Hollywood has identified more jobs Americans won’t do and filled the void with extremely costly foreign labor.

Of course, each of these smug, Progressive comedians hail from parts of the world with their own fraught histories—both past and present. But rather than address the social and historical evils of their own cultures—something considerably more dangerous and less lucrative in their countries of origin—they’ve emigrated here, where they become attack dogs for the Progressive left. Their sole purpose is to bludgeon red-state rubes about how despised and provincial they appear to the rest of the world (well, to other Progs around the globe, at least). Gone are the days when comedy sought to illuminate universal truths about human nature broadly and without bias. Or better yet, excoriate universal foibles with a savage bias that spared none. Instead, these professional mockers of international pedigree are merely political operatives, not so much funny as predictable and lazily doctrinaire. Even a comic with the sweeping brilliance of Dave Chappelle was attacked by the humorless drones of liberalism for daring to needle trans folk. Count comedy as one more casualty to Progressive group think.

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