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Fake Rape    

  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : August 25, 2017

25-year old Jemma Beale of England was sentenced to 10 years in jail for filing numerous false claims of rape. One of her male victims served almost three years in prison, while Beale was compensated to the tune of 1,000 pounds by the British government for her “suffering.” After reading accounts of the trial, and acknowledging that Beale finally got her come-uppance, something still sticks in the craw. Every single account of the trial points out that Beale made it harder for future victimized women to come forth and tell their stories. While this may indeed be true (and tragic), there is little or no mention in these accounts of the suffering of the male victims. Much more time and empathy is devoted to what Beale’s crimes meant for women in the future than the actual misery she inflicted on men. And this is typical of Progressive “empathy.” We cannot call out Islamic terrorism too bluntly for fear of Islamophobia. Confederate statues must come down because liberal protests of those statues may become violent. Conservatives must be prohibited from speaking on college campuses because the speeches might case riots by liberal students. Beale was a feminist and a lesbian, schooled in the rhetoric of victimhood. But too much sympathy for her male victims might threaten liberal narratives. Is it just me, or is blaming (or downright ignoring) the victim just as evil when practiced by lefties?

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