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Back to School in the Age of Trump    

  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : August 30, 2017

It’s late August, 2017 A.T. (After Trump), and the first new school year since the 2016 presidential election has commenced. Get ready for the most divisive, unhinged, and politicized classrooms in the long, sad history of American government schools. Amid the rapid creep of social justice education—kudzu vines of progressive craziness that include the sexualization of preschoolers, the trans-gendering of elementary schoolers, the shaming of white and Christian middle schoolers, and the coopting of science in the name of global warming for high schoolers—one topic will dominate all discussion: Trump.

You may recall how in 2008, government schools compelled children during class time to sing paeans to dear leader Obama, indulging the fantasies of fanboy faculties drunk on the messianic smarm of the community “organizer” who promised to lower sea levels and unify a nation of bitter clingers. The 2017-18 school year, however, will see classrooms transformed from perfumed clouds of progressive beatitude to inquisitorial sites of shameless liberal value-signaling, as teachers and administrators vie amongst themselves to purge students insufficiently hostile to Trump and all the strawman evils projected upon him.

Consider the welcome rolled out for students by 7th grade teacher Ryan Gillaspie of Iowa, who created a bulletin board display titled “Historical Bullies” for the first day of class. The board featured pictures of Hitler, bin Laden, Stalin, Kim Jong-un, Sadam Hussein, and … Trump. Less bothersome than that tacky inappropriateness of it all is the historical ignorance of this “educator.” We get it—and more tragically, his students will get it all year long—Mr. Gillaspie hates Trump. Indeed, it would be tough sledding for Gillaspie in the field of education if he did not visibly and persistently hate a Republican president. The real outrage here—not yet spelled out in the various articles written about the issue—is not the degree to which it is fair to label Trump a bully. In reality, it is Gillaspie’s behavior that is a textbook example of bullying, although he is too politicized and shallow to see it.

No, the real and unforgivable crime here—the true affront to education—is that Gillaspie simultaneously reduces the greatest mass murderers of the twentieth century to the level of common “bullies.” He fails to lower Trump in any meaningful way, but succeeds in trivializing genocide, oppression, and ethnic cleansing. It’s as if someone with great power were to spend his time dropping bombs on people, ignoring the worst actors on the world’s stage, and crafting enabling “accords” with nuke-seeking maniacs in Iran and North Korea, only to be rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize!

Oh, wait…

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