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Black and Brown Students Refuse to Co-Exist    

  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : September 1, 2017

From the “no good deed (or foolish one) goes unpunished” file of Progressive madness:

African-American and Latino students at the University of Florida are refusing to share a proposed new state of the art facility because doing so would “erase and marginalize their black and brown bodies and their cultures.” So, we are to believe that foregrounding these identities in posh new digs is to erase them. Even though they demanded them in the first place, in order to be validated. Of course, differentiation between black and brown skin as it relates to “bodies” is utterly meaningless, and completely marginalizes black and brown people with altogether different skin tones, or who share both ancestries. But to raise such issues is to impose white supremacist logic and intellectual consistency on problems that by design make no sense and serve only to further the political fantasies of the “privileged oppressed” on college campuses.

The university recently bull-dozed two houses on campus to make room for this preening monument to the gilded calf of identity politics, and it turns out that blacks and Latinos refuse to wallow in their inclusive exclusion in solidarity (by receiving a shiny new building and countless thousands to run it, no less). In the proposed new facility, the African American and Latino factions would have their own dedicated wings, and would only share a walkway and an elevator. But apparently segregated elevators for black and brown bodies are the progressive response to the liberal white guilt (and largesse) that is providing these sites of “inclusion.”

It is perhaps too rich to point out the embedded racism that might be alleged in the unwillingness of these two groups to find common cause. If all of this seems absurd, then screw your white supremacy and check your privilege (but not your tax dollars). Maybe we need to genetically engineer a new social justice prototype from the genes of Rosa Parks and Cesar Chavez to help the University of Florida’s black and Latino contingents learn to share an elevator. Well, if segregation is still considered a bad thing…

Confused? Me too.

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