NEA says Trump "Creates Fear in Children"    

  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : September 14, 2017

Lily Garcia, president of the NEA—the largest, most progressive, and most activist teacher’s union in the country—just used her bully pulpit to address America’s foremost educational issue. According to Garcia, that issue is not our failing government schools, the exploding cost and shrinking results of our classrooms, or the developmentally inappropriate leftist social engineering that has replaced genuine education. No, the key issue facing our government schools is that Donald Trump is upsetting teachers and making school children cry because of his evil Trump ways.

Specifically, Trump’s policies towards Muslims, Mexicans, and transgender students are allegedly causing classroom meltdowns in elementary and middle schools across the nation. So much so, that teachers are forced to take valuable classroom time to “comfort crying children because they are afraid of their president.”

All of which begs the question: why are very young children being exposed to such adult issues—topics way beyond their ability to process and comprehend—in the first place? It’s also axiomatically true that these kids are only getting one side of the Trump narrative—the progressive, anti-Trump side—as happens in government classrooms on every political and cultural issue. When I was a boy in elementary and middle school, I don’t recall a single instance when we discussed issues of contemporary presidential policy, let alone used the classroom as a forum for teachers to bash a sitting president—any sitting president.

And while we’re at it, Garcia’s sanctimonious hand-wringing wrings both hollow and hypocritical. We’re supposed to believe that traumatized pre-teen children are weeping over national policies—obviously too many Trump ads run during the Dora the Explorer kiddy hour—and bringing those tears to school, when it is teachers who are dragging politics into the classroom and purposely upsetting children to further their own agendas.

If Garcia is so concerned about traumatized children, where are her public rants on behalf of kids subjected to counter-intuitive and destructive garbage like Common Core math, or young and unwilling girls forced to share bathrooms and showers with boys who think they’re girls, or elementary school kids suffering night terrors because of apocalyptic global warming nightmare scenarios fed to them along with their mid-morning chocolate milk, or classrooms full of students sobbing over misguided standardized tests that have no educational value? There is real evidence and numerous heart-wrenching examples of young students suffering over such age-inappropriate incursions of leftist politics into the classroom, and Garcia has no comments and no tears of her own to shed. Indeed, she and her union defend and support these propaganda initiatives in government schools.

So don’t cry your crocodile tears for me, Lily Garcia. If you really want to soothe and comfort these kids, stop working them up in the first place and using their tears for political agitprop.

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