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Remembering Iwo Jima and Our Veterans    

  By: Dr. Jake Jacobs
   Published : November 10, 2017

One of the most famous images to come out of World War II is the iconic photo of six United States Marines raising our Republic’s flag on the Japanese Island of Iwo Jima on February 23, 1945.

Until recently it was thought that the man in the middle of the picture was U.S. Navy medic John Bradley, who is from my hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin. In 2016, it was found that John Bradley was not in the second picture taken, but was in the first picture taken of the flag raising at Iwo Jima.

As kids, we were proud that most of the dads in our baby boomer neighborhood fought in WWII. We were raised in a culture that admired Old Glory and the sacrifice given for us to be free.

Nearly 7,000 U.S. Marines died and 20,000 wounded in the Battle of Iwo Jima, as the U.S. was on its way to Japan to end the bloody war they started.

Of the six men in the Iwo Jima photo, three did not come home alive. The men came from Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Arizona, Kentucky, and Texas, and they represented all that was courageous, decent, loyal and honorable in America. More than 405,000 men died in WWII, with a million-plus in total casualties to end the evil totalitarian goals of National Socialism and Imperial Japan.

The glorious raising of the U.S. Flag at Iwo Jima stands for all the men and women who sacrificed for the world and U.S. to be free from the tyranny of those who would worship the state over life and liberty.

In 2011, the socialist journalist John Nichols published the book “The ‘S’ WORD: A Short History of an American Tradition … Socialism.” In it he not only attacks traditional conservative values, but glorifies socialism at the expense of free enterprise and the wonderful vision of our founders’ constitutional federal republic.

Look at the book’s cover, where Nichols takes the raising of our republic’s flag at Iwo Jima and makes it into a red-Communist-Socialist flag. Nichols’ perversion of our nation’s flag is emblematic of what has not only been happening in the world of media but all throughout America, specifically in our classrooms.

Maybe these lovers of big government tyranny need to learn about the brave heart of William Carney, the first black American Medal of Honor recipient. Carney was born a slave in Norfolk, Virginia, but escaped Democratic slavery to the free state of Massachusetts with the help of Northern whites and blacks.

During the Civil War, Carney joined the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. During the 1863 Battle of Fort Wagner, when Carney saw the color bearer ahead of him struck down by Confederate bullets—though already wounded—Carney would not let the flag fall to the ground, as he charged into enemy fire to retrieve it. The enemy shot him up relentlessly, but Carney got to the red, white and blue and carried it high, all the way back to his regiment. Bullets struck Carney in the face, shoulders and legs.

By all rights, Carney should have been dead, but he was able to cry out to his regiment, “Boys, I only did my duty. The flag never touched the ground.” Carney spent the rest of his life traveling around America telling his audiences that the United States of America was a great nation.

Upon Carney’s death in 1908, the flag at the Massachusetts state house was flown half-mast in remembrance, an honor usually bestowed only to deceased governors, senators, congressmen or presidents.

John Nichols and Colin Kaepernick, I suggest you stop learning from those neo-Marxists, socialists and progressives who would destroy William Carney and Martin Luther King's dreams. Open your eyes to a country that made you not only rich, but free to protest and write and report stupid stuff.

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