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The Sin of Howard Zinn’s Teaching    

  By: Dr. Jake Jacobs
   Published : January 26, 2018

While attending the University of Brighton and studying American and European history, I was introduced to a “textbook” titled A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn. Zinn, a self-proclaimed communist-socialist professor at Boston University, considered himself a social justice warrior who used his teaching platform, books, and plays as tools to influence his students into transforming the United States of America into a socialistic state.  

A People's History has been assigned as reading in many high schools and colleges across the United States and has sold more than two million copies since 1980. The problem with Zinn's very popular work, besides its failure to footnote, is the research itself, which is presented as a twisted history of being anti-capitalistic, anti-Christian, and anti-republic, all designed to fit his socialistic aims. 

The United States is not a perfect nation. No nation is. I have been teaching the "good, the bad and the ugly" about American history for more than 30 years. With that being said, the Unites States of America is still an exceptional nation whose good has brought life, liberty, equality and justice for millions and millions here and across the world.

Unfortunately, "Comrade Zinn" only focuses on the “sin, the bad, and the ugly” in America, as he attacks our Founders as money-grubbing charlatans and traditional-Christian values as bourgeois claptrap. Zinn is so "in" in our culture and colleges that his friend, Hollywood actor Matt Damon, recommended in the movie Good Will Hunting that people read Zinn's book. While Howard Zinn may have died in 2010, he lives on in his books, plays, and disciples, many of whom have become teachers in our high schools and colleges today. 


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