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Democrats Dishonor America’s Founders    

  By: Dr. Jake Jacobs
   Published : July 6, 2018

Just this week Democrats have declared war on President Donald Trump’s anticipated announcement of his promise “to pick from a list of highly conservative jurists” for the Supreme Court.

Writing an opinion editorial for the Los Angeles Times, radical Democrat-Socialist Harold Meyerson declared every Democrat fight with all their being to deny President Trump’s Supreme Court choice. He argues the presidential candidates for the Democrats should take a page from Franklin Delano Roosevelt and “call for legislation to expand the number of justices from nine to 11.”

Undeniably, Democrat desperados will get downright nasty fearing that the infamous and bloody 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade—which is responsible for the murder of nearly 57 million babies—might be in jeopardy with President Trump’s next pick.

Democrats will attack God’s law, natural law, and the sacredness of all life as expressed in the Declaration of Independence. They demonstrated their tactics with the confirmation hearings of Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas as Senators Joe Biden (D-DE) and Ted Kennedy (D-MA) defied their Catholic faith and ridiculed the self-evident reality that our Creator has endowed all of humanity with the right to life.

The Founding Fathers put their own lives on the line to enshrine that freedom in their declared new country. And fifty years to the reading of that declaration, two of those brilliant minds passed on. “Thomas Jefferson still survives” were said to be John Adams’ last words as he passed away into the arms of the heavenly angels on July 4, 1826. God demonstrated how he works in strange and mysterious ways, as Adams, the eloquent “voice of the Declaration of Independence” and Jefferson, the brilliant “pen of the Declaration of Independence” died on the same day, with such precision of 50 years after July 4, 1776.

Interestingly, the Fourth of July is not when independence was declared from Great Britain.

“Officially, the Continental Congress declared its freedom from Great Britain on July 2, 1776, when it approved a resolution and delegates from New York were given permission to make it a unanimous vote,” wrote Scott Bomboy of the National Constitution Center.

After voting affirmatively for independence on July 2, which is the date that Adams thought would be celebrated for generations, the Continental Congress drafted a document explaining to the public what was being done. On July 4 that document was complete. With the approval of the final version on July 4, the date became our Republic’s traditional birthday.

Besides their steadfast dedication to the cause of life and liberty, Adams and Jefferson’s collective genius became the quintessential republican expression of limited government, local control, and above all else, the sacredness of life and sovereignty for the American people versus government tyranny.

In November 2016, the American people showed themselves to be tired of the explosion of a “government gone wild,” lost in a swamp of corruption. Wanting to bring back the Spirit of ’76, Donald Trump was elected to challenge the status quo and take on Democrat demagogues, Republicans In Name Only (RINO), and media moguls. The more success President Trump achieves, the more vicious and desperate the Democrats become.

During this Fourth of July holiday week, while we enjoy incredible freedom and prosperity, get ready for the battle ahead. The next Supreme Court justice will be in service for a generation, and that is literally a matter of life and death.

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