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Trump’s Approach Is Putting America Back In Control    

  By: Dr. Jake Jacobs
   Published : July 27, 2018

The Soviet Union is no more, and has not been since 1991. But it took decades of foreign policy work to make it happen, and this month celebrates 70 years since President Harry S. Truman announced his foreign policy doctrine, with a stated purpose to counter Soviet communism’s geopolitical expansion during the Cold War.

Harry’s “Truman Doctrine” saved Greece and Turkey in the late 1940s, leading to the creation of NATO and helping to save Western Europe from Soviet control, while also preserving liberty for South Korea.

President Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy doctrine was to go beyond stopping Soviet socialism’s expansion in the world. The “Reagan Doctrine’s” ultimate goal was to end the Soviet Union’s Evil Empire.

These policies worked, and the Soviet Union fell on Christmas Day 1991.

However, while the Evil Empire has ceased to exist, there are rogue regimes today threatening world stability and peace. With President Donald Trump serving as the world’s sheriff, unlike his predecessor Barack “Barney Fife” Obama, America has become unabashedly outspoken on the world’s stage. The newest foreign policy is the Trump Doctrine.

“The Trump Doctrine involves a simple concept: U.S. foreign policy must be grounded in reality rather than fantasy, and its aim is to achieve the only goal that matters: securing and enhancing the security of the American people,” wrote Caroline Glick in an article for Breitbart.

What is good for the American people is ultimately good for world peace, unlike what has happened under the tutelage of several recent presidents. The Trump Doctrine does not draw spineless red lines in the sand or secretly deliver billions of dollars to Iran as the citizens chant “Death to America, Death to Israel!” all while Iran expands its nuclear missile technology. The Trump Doctrine does not feel the pain of North Korea as President Bill Clinton delivers billions of dollars to Korean Communists with bogus promises of peace and no nukes. The Trump Doctrine does not look the other way as Russian President Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine, annexes Crimea, and threatens Poland and Eastern Europe with the return of the Evil Empire.

The Trump Doctrine gives America a commander in chief with unique negotiating skills and who delivers strength and action, saying to those who would harm the world that the buck stops here. No more of your lying, conniving, and controlling American presidents with taxpayer money for dastardly deeds.

The Left laughed and ridiculed President Reagan as a dumb Hollywood movie star. But in the end, he out-smarted them all as he checkmated the Soviet Union and won the Cold War. More vicious than ever before, the Left, progressives, and Democrats laugh at and ridicule President Trump as a dumb reality TV star. How wrong they are once again.

President Trump deals brilliantly with the reality of the brutality of despotic regimes. These are regimes he no longer allows to manipulate American foreign policy, filled of wishful fantasy thinking.

With President Trump, if Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, or any nation messes with the American bull, they will get the horns. America’s peace through strength foreign policy is back, and it is working.