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Catholic Boys Latest Victim Of Trump-Hating Leftist Mob    

  By: Dr. Jake Jacobs
   Published : January 25, 2019

By now most of America has been exposed to the media onslaught dealing with an incident at the 46th annual March for Life gathering in Washington, D.C. on Friday, January 18. For a good 48 hours, the elitist leftwing media, Hollywood celebrities, Democratic leaders, and even Republican “Never Trumpers,” joined in a cacophony of raucous and slanderous rhetoric attacking the pro-life, pro-Trump teenagers of Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky. When a longer version of the incident was discovered, exonerating the teenagers, many embarrassed lefties deleted their vile tweets or refused to apologize because they say the boys are still guilty of white privilege and must be racist anyway. The rush to judgment is a sad and very disturbing micro example of the macro worldview war we are in right now.

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